Corghi celebrating 60 years

Corghi celebrating 60 years

In 1947, the brothers Erminio and Remo Corghi started their business, with the main objective being to offer “total quality”. This they defined as a way of acting and thinking that involves the entire Company – and this mental and professional attitude still permeates today in all aspects of the Corghi work environments.

And so it was that when the automobile boom exploded in 1960, the Corghi brothers were ready. They invented and patented the world's first tyre changer, and their company took off, and never stopped soaring.

Thanks to continuous research, development and diversification, Corghi is still the absolute global leader in the tyre service equipment sector, and at the same time has retained an international reputation for quality and performance for more than 60 years, and this reputation remains just as strong today, with the Corghi group being the world's largest producer of wheel servicing equipment.

Together with its partners, Corghi also has the world’s largest, most complete automotive equipment distribution network, covering almost 150 countries, with subsidiaries in Spain, France, Germany, United States, China, Australia and Brazil.

Corghi is especially proud to be the sole supplier of equipment to Ferrari workshops – including the
Formula 1 team – providing its entire range of products.

New X-Line
Corghi has just released its new X-Line model wheel balancers. The EM-9250 and EM-9350 X-line models automatically position the wheel in the correct place to apply the weights, have a bright LED light to illuminate the work area, a laser line to indicate where to place the stick-on weight, and a

touchless outside wheel width measurement sonar.

The fast user-friendly operating programme allows the operator to easily select the correct balancing
mode, or carry out self-calibrations, without the need to call out a service tech.

The EM-9250 X-line premium version is available for as little as $5,795 plus GST or with payments
starting from $35 plus GST per week.

100 percent Italian-made
The traditional Corghi range is still 100 percent made in Italy, and history has shown Corghi products to have supreme performance and endurance in the most demanding work environments.

In addition to this, when it comes time to upgrade, Corghi machines retain great value, achieving high prices on the second hand market.

The range held in stock by New Zealand Corghi distributor Automaster Equipment consists of multiple tyre changer and balancer options, and also includes a range of Corghi Exact wheel aligners.

For more information see or

Phone Automaster Equipment on 0800 214 604 or email for further information and pricing. Complete no deposit Lease-to-Own finance packages can easily be arranged with flexible terms ranging from 12-60 months.

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