Adjustable charge from Projecta

Adjustable charge from Projecta

Projecta has made its range of Intelli-Charge battery chargers even more intelligent, and much more practical.

All models in the Intelli-Charge battery charger range now on sale in New Zealand offer an adjustable charge rate, including the smaller 7A, 10A and 15A versions, increasing their suitability for use by home, marine, transport and commercial customers, as well as workshop professionals.

Until now, a variable charge rate was only available in the larger 25A, 35A and 50A models, but Projecta engineers have successfully introduced the innovation to the more compact Intelli-Charge variants.

The enhancement enables them to produce a charge rate from as low as 1A, delivering optimum and safe charging for all lead acid batteries, while continuing to offer world-class, seven-stage technology and multi-chemistry charging.

Engineered and designed for use on all types of batteries, including gel, AGM, wet and calcium, these chargers provide an opportunity to have just one charger to meet all needs, ranging from cars, motorbikes, trucks and contracting equipment to ride-on mowers, jet skis, boats etc. By selecting the battery chemistry type, Projecta’s Intelli-Charge range adjusts the charge to precisely match the battery, extending battery life and performance.

Intelligent electronics monitoring, coupled with a chemistry-specific charge process, delivers a charge that is precisely matched to the battery type, guaranteeing no greater charge than is required, and preventing possible damage.

Intelli-Chargers are fully automatic and deliver a comprehensive and accurate charging technique known as seven-stage charging, especially engineered for optimum performance on all types of batteries.

The first two stages, De-sulphation and Soft Start, prepare the battery for charging. Bulk then delivers a fast charge followed by Absorption, which ensures the battery is fully charged.

The Analysis mode is designed to ensure the battery is fully charged. If the battery fails the Analysis stage the charger will begin to Recondition the battery, testing after each stage up to three times. Once past the Analysis stage, the battery is maintained, ready for use.

The Intelli-Charge range begins with the IC700 (12V 7A) model featuring adjustable charge rates of 1A, 2A 4A, and 7A. The IC700W workshop model incorporates all the features and benefits of the IC700, along with projective hard rubber unit end caps to help endure the rigours of workshop life.

Users requiring a faster charge rate can opt for the IC1000 (12V 10A), which provides adjustable charge rates of 2A, 4A, 6A and 10A.

Further up the-range is the IC1500 (12V 15A), which offers higher adjustable charge rates of 2A, 4A, 8A and 15A, together with a remote control socket that allows the operator to position the charger out of sight, yet retain total control of the unit. The Intelli-Charge remote control unit (Part number: ICREMOTE) is available separately at additional cost.

All Projecta Intelli-Charge battery chargers come with a two-year warranty and are available at leading automotive and marine outlets throughout New Zealand.

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