ZF at Bus and Coach Show

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ZF at Bus and Coach Show
ZF at Bus and Coach Show

ZF Services Australia used the 2016 Australian Bus & Coach Show to reinforce its commitment to new technologies and the continuous pursuit of innovative solutions.

Sharing the spotlight on ZF’s stand were its AVE 130 low-floor electric portal axle and EcoLife transmission, both of which are innovative products designed to lower emissions and reduce fuel usage.

The AVE 130 made an impact on the Australasian bus market in 2015, when it was fitted as original equipment on Australia’s first all-electric bus by Bustech – one of ZF’s major customers in Australia.

Offering operators complete flexibility, its revolutionary liquid-cooled electric motors, integrated directly into the axle can be fed from different power sources.

In addition to plug-in battery operation, with or without a range extender, energy can be supplied by fuel cells or overhead cables with the appropriate infrastructure.

Besides emission-free driving, ZF’s AVE 130 offers additional advantage in stop-start traffic with its high-torque electric motors setting full loaded buses in motion quickly. When braking, they switch to generator mode and gain back valuable braking energy.

Also engineered to improve performance and fuel economy is ZF’s EcoLife six-speed automatic transmission, suitable for every bus application, whether it be city driving or long-distance hauls.

With its innovative start/stop function, intuitive software and hardware package, EcoLife is the preferred component of choice by leading bus and coach manufacturers.

EcoLife comes with the topography-dependent TopoDyn Life shift control system, which ensures the vehicle is in the correct gear for any given terrain, providing multiple advantages for operators and passengers.

Another advantage of ZF EcoLife transmissions is that they are designed to be compatible with future hybrid technologies.

To decrease maintenance and operating costs and environmental impact, as well as increasing performance, ZF’s EcoLife transmission has a matched transmission fluid, Ecofluid A Life, which was also displayed at the show.

ZF Ecofluid A Life is an extremely powerful and stable transmission oil that ensures optimal performance, whether it be in cases of city driving with stop-start traffic, challenging country routes, long journeys, or extreme climate conditions.

Capping off ZF’s comprehensive display was Lemförder steering and suspension products, as well as Sachs clutches and shock absorbers.

“ZF has been supporting the Australian and New Zealand bus and coach markets for 30 years and we look forward to supplying and servicing the industry for many more years to come,” Mark Sookias, managing director at ZF Services Australia said.

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