Michelin retreads now available

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Michelin retreads now available

Michelin says that New Zealand truck and bus operators in New Zealand will now be able to     take advantage of its new accredited Michelin retread factory.
Treadco, based in Hamilton, is not only the first factory in New Zealand to meet this qualification, it is also the first in Oceania to meet the high standards of safety, manufacturing, training and environmental consciousness that Michelin expects to ensure the delivery of quality retreaded tyres using the Michelin Quality System (MQS). 
“Michelin has set the standard required to become an accredited retread factory incredibly high to ensure it delivers the best possible product to our customers,” says Australasian Michelin retread manager Kevin Sigston.
“My congratulations to the team at Treadco on achieving this accreditation and we are delighted with our new partnership. The new Michelin Retread incorporates the latest tyre technology to deliver significant benefits to truck and bus operators.”
Director Carl Prescott says Treadco has worked closely with Michelin over the past 18 months to implement and maintain the new retreading standards required by MQS. 
Mr Prescott says the factory processes regarding quality and safety were brought up to the standards required by Michelin and they are checked monthly by Treadco personnel for quality assurance. Michelin then does a quarterly check and audit of the Treadco facility as part of the MQS. 
Mr Prescott says that the Michelin Quality System is very similar in structure to ISO9001. Michelin Quality System governs all facets of the Treadco processes from the manufacturing systems, the back office systems, the daily checks on product and processes, the product expiry and the upkeep and maintenance of plant and equipment.
“One Treadco employee will spend 40 to 50 percent of his working week purely on maintenance,” says Carl. “This is all part of ensuring the product is consistent in terms of quality and performance of the Michelin retreads.”
“In the third quarter of 2010 our process related claim rate was one tyre in 486. That figure is possibly as good as if not better that some new tyre brands.”   
Each casing sent through the process has a tyre retread track card, which details the 12 steps within the retreading process from the first casing inspection to the final visual inspection and nail hole detection of the retread. Some of these 12 steps are time critical hence each tyre is tracked through the process by computer and critical points are noted on the tracking card.  
By achieving Michelin accreditation Treadco now has access to the very latest in Michelin branded tread patterns which are sourced from the same factory that makes new tyres and these are made available exclusively for use only on Michelin casings. What this means is a reliable retread that delivers the same performance as a new tyre for around 40 percent of the cost. 
Quality control and safety officer at Treadco Adman Prescott says only the first two recaps can be labelled as Michelin Retreads, any further caps will then revert to Recamic.
Adam says there is no limit on the total number of recaps a tyre can have as long as the casing has “integrity”. This is inline with Michelins philosophy of selling less tyres to more people.
“Not utilising viable casings adds to the environmental burden and we all have a responsibility in that regard,” says Adam. 
Utilising the Michelin multi-life strategy offers truck and bus operators the lowest cost of ownership, improved safety, high quality and increased reliability backed by Michelin technical support.
Michelin says that truck and bus operators will also be able to make fuel savings and reduce their environmental impact. 
Carl Prescott says that Michelin retread standards are second to none and now even better placed in the market to offer the very best in truck tyre solutions for new and retread tyres.
“The retread warranty is better than new, because it is not a pro rata adjustment. If there is a problem due to process or product failure we offer 100 percent replacement including casing regardless of tread depth to 2mm.”
Michelin Retreads are available now through the national Advantage dealer network plus authorised Michelin Truck and Bus Tyre retailers.

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