Hammar reaches a new dimension

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Hammar reaches a new dimension

A year and a half after Hammar successfully launched the ‘leg over’ sidelifter concept, known as the Mega Transfer, comes another innovation– the Mega Reach, which takes the company into a completely new dimension.
The new Hammar Mega Reach is not only able to handle containers in a second row on the ground, it is also capable of double stacking containers in the second row and handling three containers high in the first row.
That means a total of five containers are now within the lifting reach of the new Hammar Mega Reach, all without having to move the vehicle.
The first Mega Reach sideloader has already been built and is operating in Hammar's home market in Sweden, as shown in the photos. It’s now ready to reach out to customers around the world, including New Zealand.
The Mega Reach has been designed for the 150- and the 190-series, which, for New Zealand means it is available on the 151 HS, 155 HS (Mega Transfer) and the 195 S.
The idea for the Mega Reach came from a customer in French Guiana, who had noticed the extendable top arm that Hammar has fitted as an option for many years and asked if an extension could be added that handles containers in the second row for optimising his handling in a customer yard. The Hammar designers were able to turn his request into reality very quickly.
Hammar New Zealand managing director, Fred Sandberg says the Mega Transfer has already won over a number of customers in this country since it appeared in 2010 and there could be a market here for the Mega Reach, too. It would be particularly useful in small, confined areas where truck access is limited.
“For example, an operator arriving at a customer’s depot to deliver an empty box and pick up a full one, would park next to the full box, unload the empty one on the other side (in second row) and then pick up the full box, without having to move the vehicle,” he says.
“Other uses could be in a yard moving and storing containers - actually I had a customer who named it the Hammar Reach Stacker.”
The Mega Reach shown in the photos is built on a brand new 2012 Hammar 195 HA, 20'–45' capacity and 36-tonne SWL sideloader. The chassis is an ‘A’ type, built in three extendable parts to be extra short in the 20' position and handling 45' containers in the full, extended position.
Hammar says it is the world leader in the design and production of sideloaders and has been present in the New Zealand market since 1992.
The company specialises in high-quality products featuring Swedish componentry and steel, to deliver a lighter, stronger and more reliable sideloader tailored for each customer at its South Auckland workshop. Models cater for 10-to-45ft containers and among its latest offerings is an optimal weight distributed 3-axle 45ft sideloader with a tare of just 10,540 kg, including separate engine power pack.


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