Braking duel: racing truck versus Porsche GT3

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Braking duel: racing truck versus Porsche GT3

A braking duel between a racing truck and a Porsche GT3 enabled the brake products from PE Automotive in Germany to demonstrate their performance capabilities. The racing truck with installed PE brake components was able to brake faster than the Porsche GT3.

The organisers of the braking duel had asked the question: Is it possible for a racing truck to brake faster than a Porsche GT3? The initial technical situation could hardly be more different.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 was fitted with high-performance brakes and ABS, weighs 1,430kg, and produces 355kW. The racing truck has a weight of 5,500kg and has 933kW, and doesn’t have ABS, but has PE brake components. When it comes to brake tests, the Porsche is considered the benchmark amongsports cars.

After an acclimatisation phase for the vehicles, the first comparison tests were carried out, with both vehicles driven by experienced racing drivers with racing licences.

The first test saw the racing truck and the Porsche approach the braking line at 90 km/h ,and shortly afterwards come to a stop, and you could see the surprise on the faces of all observers: The truck braked faster and came to a stop half a car’s length behind the Porsche.

In the next test, the truck was also first to come to a stop. After several repeats, the truck stopped earlier in four instances. In one instance, the driver of the racing truck missed the right braking point.

“The brake test was an impressive indication of the high quality and performance capabilities of PE braking components,” said Christian Freitag, PE managing director.

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About PE
PE Automotive is a family-owned company which has been developing and producing PE replacement part solutions for all current commercial vehicle types in reliable original manufacturing quality since 1947.

Working in conjunction with partner workshops, the optimisation of repairs has the greatest priority in the development of new PE replacement parts. As a result,many PE products bring about time and cost savings.

PE is a leading competence in the marketing and data analysis sector and thus able to early and clearly identify and develop relevant replacement parts for the open replacement part market.

PE products display their high quality and performance capabilities in truck racing. PE constantly develops and optimises PE serial products in conjunction with the reigning European champion team (Truck Sport Lutz Bernau). PE products are used under the extreme conditions of truck racing with great success. In the meantime, almost all racing truck in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship makes use of PE products.

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