Bosch starter replacement series

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Bosch starter replacement series
In late 2013, Bosch released its long-haul 12-24V starter motor series which contains all the features necessary to fit a wide range of large displacement commercial diesel engine applications. 
Utilising only five options of long-haul starter motors, the Bosch series can replace more than 180 part numbers.
High compression diesel engines require greater amounts of torque and power to turn the engine over in all temperature ranges. However, Bosch’s long haul starter motors use a shock absorbing planetary gear system – as originally designed by Bosch – and have the ability to meet these requirements. 
Mounted on rubber shock absorbers, and located in a steel drive-end housing, the planetary gear carrier resists “kick back” and eliminates drive end breakage.
Other features of the Bosch 39 and 50MT starter motor replacement series include:
  • Easy-to-use universal mounting flange that reduces the number of different units required, which in turn simplifies inventory.
  • Over-crank protection preventing damage and ensuring a longer life.
  • Internal magnetic switch (IMS) ensures optimal voltage for starting in all weather conditions.
  • Fixed over-running clutch with 50 percent less moving mass, protecting internal components in case of “blind start” or “click no crank”.
  • Meshing spring for positive gear engagement during cranking. This eliminates “click no crank” and prevents costly damage to the engine ring gear.
  • Isolated external ground circuit promoting optimal grounding and maximum starting power.
  • Open nose design that resists moisture, dust and dirt, preventing damage to internal electrical and mechanical components.
  • Dual composite long life brushes creating better surface contact, less heat and lower current draw resulting in longer life and quicker starts.
  • Double chamfered pinion gear, which increases first-time engagement and positive starts.
  • Protective cover that shields the solenoid and critical electrical connections, ensuring positive connections and maximum starting power.


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