Allison supports airport operations

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Allison supports airport operations
Allison Transmission recently presented its innovative transmission technologies for airport ground equipment at the InterAirport Europe Expo in Munich.
Airport operators around the world have a long track record of working with Allison to manage timelines and avoid controllable disruptions and delays in air traffic. Allison says its fully automatic transmissions deliver performance, reliability and safety for ground vehicles at airports.
This year at the world’s premier airport exhibition, InterAirport Europe in Munich, Allison Transmission presented a wide range of fully automatic transmissions used in many applications, including tow tractors which set airplanes precisely in final parking positions, buses which safely and efficiently transport passengers around airports and catering vehicles which provide food and drinks to planes on the tarmac.
As well as cleaning trucks, refuelling tankers and a range of other airport specific vehicles which must operate effectively and efficiently for passenger comfort and safety. With increasing competition and the demand for expense control, service vehicles with automatic transmissions contribute to smooth airport operations which are reflected in the high usage of Allison transmissions in airport applications.
In cases of emergency, Allison says its transmissions have proved indispensable. Airport fire fighters must be able to reach any part of the airfield within three minutes.
“Allison automatic transmissions transmit the driving power to the wheels without interruption of traction allowing vehicles with our transmissions to accelerate much faster than those with manual or automated transmissions and they are the first to arrive on the scene,” says Allison Transmission German development manager Claus-Peter Geier.
At Dresden Airport in Germany the Panther fire-fighting appliance has an engine that produces 746kw of power a maximum speed of 140 km/h and a trajectory length of 100 metres from its extinguisher. Full power for the drive train and extinguishing equipment is provided through Allison’s fully automatic M6610 transmission.
Allison fully automatic transmissions also facilitate manoeuvring safely at varying speeds and in any situations. The Australian manufactured and designed Bliss Fox tractor, which guides the airplane precisely to its final parking position, is fitted with an Allison transmission.


No gear shifting means drivers are able to keep both hands on the steering wheel and fully concentrate on driving.
The torque converter and planetary gears generate a continuous power flow without the shift jerking that punctuates vehicles with manual transmissions.
The smooth shifting increases the driving comfort and reduces the risk of damaged aircraft or baggage and these factors significantly enhance safety.



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