New Hella catalogue

New Hella catalogue

The new Hella catalogue for Road Transport Lighting, Safety Lighting and Accessories is out now, and offers 362 pages with more than 2,000 products, 390 of them brand-new to the range.

Featuring more detailed graphs, charts, specifications and visuals, the 2014 catalogue, with its new refined, clear layout is the most comprehensive and informative Hella catalogue yet, and provides the user with all the information at a glance. The colour coded quick reference guide makes it even more user-friendly.

Two new sections have been added:

* Safety DayLights. these significantly reduce the risk of daytime collisions due to “accidental oversight”. Most drivers can relate to the fright second of almost not having seen a car coming or an emergency braking because the driver of a car, truck or bus “accidentally overlooked” us approaching. Unfortunately some of these situations end in a collision.

* Hella workshop. This features handy tools for every workshop use such as inspection lamps, bonnet lamps, pen lights, hand-held spot lamps, and many more.

With the continual development of high performance and durable LED lighting, conventional bulb lamps are becoming more and more obsolete. Many new and improved versions of Hella’s LED lamps are including, plus a technological update of the iconic DuraLED range in the enlarged section of Marker and Signal lamps.

With the majority of the LED lamps designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Hella lights offer the latest in advanced LED technology combined with slim, sleek aesthetics – from the proven DuraLED range to the new versatile Combi lamps.

While the accessories section now offers a wider range of auto electrical supplies like fuses, switches, plugs and sockets, the interior/exterior lighting section has been enlarged with the addition of LED down-lights.

The rise of LED as the light source of choice is also reflected in the numerous additional LED options in the work lamp section.  

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