Masterclass for long trips

Masterclass for long trips

Terrain Tamer’s new video series “Masterclass” launches this month, following the company’s success with several previous popular series such as Ask Allan, Junior Ask Allan, The Project and The Apprentice.

This time around Terrain Tamer’s head engineer, Allan Gray, is presented with a new challenge as he takes on two fresh ‘apprentices’ for a week, in the form of Ash, a 51-year -old mine worker, and Ray, a 72-year-old mechanical engineer, to teach them a bit about preparing a vehicle for long trips and touring.

After hearing stories from several customers who had found themselves stuck in the Outback for up to three or four days, many km from the nearest town, Terrain Tamer developed the idea for the series in order to help not only “grey nomads”, but young families, couples and groups heading out to remote locations on long, and often rugged trips, who may not be aware of the factors to consider before setting out.

At 81 years himself, Allan wasn’t entirely sold on the idea at first, but quickly put his two new students to work, checking and assessing what might need repair and replacement on a recently purchased 79 Series V8 Toyota Land Cruiser tray back.

The series follows the three men, as well as Allan’s nephew Andrew Gray, as they work on some of the vehicle’s trouble areas, fitting it with a new radiator, suspension, steering and brake components and wheel bearings, as well as checking out some of the issues that might arise with the new Cruiser’s common rail diesel system.

Terrain Tamer’s Masterclass episodes will be released every two months and will be broadcast on Simon Christie’s 4WDTV, and will also be available on, as well as the terraintamer4WD YouTube channel.

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