HSV releases Gen-F

HSV releases Gen-F

Australia’s performance car leader, HSV, has announced that it’s new model range will be dubbed GEN-F.

Breaking with recent tradition of naming its vehicles using a series nomenclature (E Series 1, E Series 2, E Series 3), HSV says that it needed to look further afield to overcome legal and marketing clashes.

“It was obvious, from the beginning, that we were going to have to adjust our approach, because F Series or F1 wasn’t going to work,” says HSV Director Tim Jackson.

“We had three basic objectives. Firstly, we needed to ensure we referenced our vehicle’s relationship with Holden’s VF. Secondly, we have a new generation vehicle so we wanted to use language that people would find easily relatable. And finally, we wanted it to be simple.”

“GEN-F almost picked itself”, he says.