Dayco Powerbond releases LSA power

Dayco Powerbond releases LSA power

New Zealand performance vehicle owners can now customise their supercharged 6.2-litre LSA V8 engines using Australian made Dayco Powerbond harmonic balancers.

These precision engineered performance engine components provide direct-fit performance gains from these superb engines.

Dayco Powerbond’s all steel race balancer has been designed with a separate bolt-on, CNC machined supercharger drive made from billet aluminium, enabling a 5 percent, 10 percent, 18 percent, 22 percent and even 28 percent overdrive pulley to be adapted or changed for up to 8psi increases in boost.

These all-steel, SFI certified, race specification, Dayco Powerbond harmonic balancers have been designed specifically for LSA specification supercharged engines.

Dayco Powerbond also offers the aftermarket separate LSA engine bolt-on supercharger pulleys in five variants to generate more boost. For bolt-on supercharger pulleys that enable 18 percent or more overdrive boost, Dayco Powerbond also provides an idler pulley relocation bracket to allow for supercharger pulley drive clearance.

Dayco Powerbond also offers the aftermarket a complete performance pulley upgrade kit for HSV GTS, Maloo, Clubsport and Senator 6.2-litre LSA engines. The kit includes all components needed by repairers, performance tuners or DIY enthusiasts to gain more boost from these engines using premium quality, purpose engineered and locally manufactured components.

These include a Dayco Gold Label W profile supercharger belt, the preferred Dayco Powerbond race specification harmonic balancer, and an idler relocation bracket (if required).

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