You can now check and top-up aircon

You can now check and top-up aircon

Oil, water, brakes, tyres – these are all part of a normal service. But do you ever check your customer’s air conditioning, or do you just wait until they complain, and most times send it to an outside specialist?

We can understand why you would, with perhaps the lack of expertise, expensive equipment and  refrigerant recovery licenses contributing to this.

But now you can remedy all that and keep your customer in YOUR workshop, thanks to the simple and cost-effective Auto Freeze system which allows you to provide this much-needed check and remedy in your workshop.

Auto Freeze is recognised  by engineers and scientists worldwide, who state that inadvertent refrigerant loss in vehicles can be calculated at between 55 and 65 grams or 5.3 percent to 10.6 percent PER YEAR.

“If a system holds 750 grams,,to lose between 165 and 195 grams in three years is considered a normal leakage rate. More than this would be considered abnormal,” says Dr Winfred Shwarz, at OKO Recherche, ,the consultant to the body which wrote the European F Gas regulations.

So the majority of older vehicles that you work on simply need a “top up”.

The losses are caused by leaks in compressor seals rings, joint seals and seepage through rubber hoses, but Auto-Freeze’s patented technology sealing agents significantly reduces inadvertent refrigerant loss by conditioning and reinforcing the rubber seals incorporated in most A/C connections.

It could be argued that the offer to top-up oil is similar to topping up A/C; both improve the vehicle situation.

However, it cannot be denied that in the case of oil, it would be a better result to drain, flush and replace. Not so A/C gas which does not get “dirty”

And let’s look at it from a safety perspective. First, testing has shown drivers’ reaction times are 22 percent slower at a cabin temperature of 27C compared to 22C. Drivers missed 50 percent of test signals at 27C compared to 22C (source NREL US Government research).

Second, effective A/C demists windows during wet weather, enabling the driver to see better.

Fuel efficiency also benefits as lower refrigerant levels equal poorer fuel efficiency due to over-cycling of the compressor.

A few facts:

  • Auto Freeze complies with NZ Government regulations..
  • Auto Freeze coupling is only compatible with R134a systems, so there is no danger of filling an R12 system.
  • Auto Freeze is compatible with all vehicles with R134a refrigerant.
  • It takes seconds to check A/C level.
  • It takes less than five minutes to top up an A/C system.
  • Low set-up cost: contact us for details (see below).

Every container carries a refundable environmental recycling and refilling deposit.  All refunded containers are returned to Italy for draining, cleaning, refilling and re-labeling ready for re-use.

Motorists with older vehicles who take up the top-up offer in all likely hood would not bother to go to A/C service industry.

Auto Freeze offers a quick, effective and cost saving way to return a vehicles A/C system to an effective and healthy level.

This is not just a can of R134a gas.

Auto Freeze is a unique-proven product formulated in the USA [initially for NASA]. The cylinders are manufactured  (recyclable to comply with EU regulations and for better environmental protection) in Germany.

They are filled to a patented US formula in Italy.

Auto Freeze is a wholly owned division of The Armored AutoGroup USA, which is the proprietor of the “Armorall” and “STP” specialist oils brands.


For further information contact Dennis,021 727 270, or, or visit

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