Tyres reconceptualised

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Tyres reconceptualised

Trendsetting tyre solutions for the demands of future-oriented mobility systems took centre stage at Hankook Tyre’s booth at the recent 2013 Frankfurt International Auto Show.

The optimisation of conventional vehicles with regard to tyres as well as studies for sustainable mobility that combine efficiency and eco-friendliness were focal points.
In addition to innovations in the fields of green tyres, performance, safety and premium original equipment, award-winning hybrid design concepts, as well as a new generation of airless, almost entirely recyclable tyres were the highlights of Hankook Tyre’s booth.
There is an increasing demand for innovative and smart solutions by suppliers to optimise vehicle efficiency within the automobile industry. In addition to safety and comfort, features like environmental friendliness and sustainability are becoming ever more important.
A futuristic design concept, the Hankook i-Flex is an airless wheel and tyre, all in one.
Aiming to keep losses to a minimum when converting energy, Hankook Tire’s engineers have reconceptualised the automobile tyre. With the Hankook Tyre’s i-Flex, the company presents the prototype of a non-pneumatic tire that will help increase the overall efficiency of vehicles thereby improving their energy balance.
With more than 95 percent of its construction being recyclable, the Hankook i-Flex is made from polyurethane synthetics, with the tyre manufactured in conjunction with its rim as one unit. It is considerably lighter than conventional wheel-tire combinations and does not require air like conventional pneumatic tyres, able to offer shock absorbency through the unique design. Fuel consumption and noise emissions are thus optimised while simultaneously increasing vehicle safety.
Displayed at the Frankfurt show on an ABT-tuned Volkswagen Up!, the Hankook i-Flex tyre specification was a 155/59014 type.

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