Tyre repair goes mobile

Tyre repair goes mobile

Rema Tip-Top has introduced the latest equipment to fix some of the largest tyres used in this market.
Unveiled on the Stocks stand at the Expo in Hamilton recently was the Thermopress EM II hot vulcanising machine, designed especially for repairing injuries in the tread, shoulder and sidewall of radial and bias-ply tyres fitted to trucks, agricultural and construction equipment
While such equipment has been available from Rema Tip-Top in other markets for many years, it’s the first time it has gone on sale here.
To help introduce the new tyre repair equipment to New Zealand, Rene Priefer, Rema Tip-Top’s area manager for the Asia/Pacific region, spent time with the Stocks team and also potential customers at the Expo, explaining the advantages of the Thermopress EM II.
Essentially, the Thermopress EM II can provide professional repair of OTR/EM tyres in any location, whether it’s in the workshop or out on site, thanks to its wheeled design, which provides full mobility.
It can repair tyres ranging in size from 29.5R25 up to 40.00R57, which is larger than any OTR tyre currently used in New Zealand.
Among its features are that it can be tilted in three directions, so can easily be manoeuvred to work on tyres sitting on the ground, which eliminates the need for heavy lifting.
The Thermopress EM II is designed to operate at very high pressures, compared to similar equipment from other manufacturers. For instance, it can deliver hydraulic pressures of up to 160-bar, which is equivalent to exerting five tonnes.
“The higher the pressure, the better the results, and that is what the EM II is designed to deliver,” says Mr Priefer, adding that its working temperatures can range from 165n to 185 degrees C. It is equipped with precision electronic for setting and monitoring pressure, temperature and cure time.
Should a fault develop, the Thermopress EM II has three independent safety devices that monitor for any problems and will immediately shut it down if there is an issue.
Mr Priefer says the model being introduced here is an upgraded version that has recently been introduced by Rema Tip-Top, and improvements include a revised control box with digital-electronic thermostat with temperature display and a digital-electronic timer.

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