Super-slim warning lights

Super-slim warning lights

A new family of extremely low profile LED warning lights has been released in New Zealand by Narva, with a host of features that will appeal to a broad range of emergency and service vehicles.

The requirement for emergency and service vehicles to be seen, not just by other road users but also pedestrians and those working in the vicinity in industrial locations, has recently led to more warning lights being fitted, in addition to roof-mounted flashing light bars and beacons.

But they also become more vulnerable when placed on the sides and rear of the vehicle, says Narva New Zealand’s Tim Paterson, which is why the new ultra-slim warning light range has been eagerly anticipated.

With a depth of only 7mm and an overall size of 131 x 30mm, these ultra-slim, self-contained LED warning lights are less vulnerable to damage, yet still deliver outstanding performance, he says.

The small size of these lights belies the number of standard features that are built in, offering immense versatility, with 23 selectable flash patterns and the ability to synchronise multiple units for simultaneous or alternate flashing.

A non-volatile memory retains the last flash pattern used when powering up, eliminating the need to cycle through the 23 patterns each time. To meet the requirements of some emergency services a dimming function is also incorporated, which decreases brightness to 60 percent at night time with the

flick of a switch.
The new lights come in a range of colours including amber, white, red, blue plus a combined red/blue version, thus widening their potential uses.

Suitable for both 12V and 24V application,s these multi-voltage lights have a minimal current draw of only 0.25A on 12V and 0.125A on 24V (depending on the flash pattern), all are reverse polarity protected, and each comes pre-wired with 200mm of cable.

An incredibly long operating life of up to 100,000 hours is achieved from six high-powered LEDs, and these are covered by Narva’s 5-year LED warranty.

The lamps are vibration resistant and their weather-proof design makes them suitable for external and internal use.

Mounting these versatile slim lights can be permanent through use of fasteners, or alternatively, they can be quickly and easily mounted using self-adhesive 3M double-sided tape supplied in the box.

The new Narva Low Profile Warning Lamps are now available from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand. For more information visit

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