Scan tools - Hanatech – it just works

Scan tools - Hanatech – it just works

As an automotive technician you want to have trust in your supplier, and confidence in the machine according to Petroject managing director Lawrence Fisher.
Of the brands that Petroject markets, Lawrence says the Hanatech range comes closest to the top for coverage, support, and overall running costs. Petroject distributes the Bosch, Launch, DEC, and Autoland ranges as well but says that their customers demand Hanatech more often than not.
“Workshop diagnostics is all about coverage. The first tool any business wants to use must be capable of covering the broadest range of vehicles as possible. To this end, Hanatech is the choice of more professionals than any other tool we manage, says director Lawrence Fisher.
“Technicians also demand alternative tools and for that the DEC Superscan II and the Bosch KTS range cannot be underestimated.”
Petroject only sells diagnostic equipment and EFI parts and this gives continuity and strength to their operation according to Lawrence Fisher who has recently made a commitment to further its support program to include a mobile classroom.
Lawrence Fisher says he has conducted a number of seminars since the project was launched at the MTA conference in Nelson. A schedule of training venues is available on request.
Lawrence says the majority of NZ vehicles are imported so the development of tools on global products is only partially beneficial. It makes sense that the best tools for New Zealand Conditions are those developed in conjunction with NZ technicians on imported vehicles.
Petroject annually invites Hanatech Engineers to refine the product here in local workshops. This year was no different and working with the engineers, Petroject has developed a locally enhanced tool with exclusive distributor software.
“We are very proud of our developments,” says Lawrence. “We are able to develop the tool further for the NZ Market and have introduced the software to our latest Hanatech model called the DST  for December.”
Petroject has announced the new tool will cost no more than a standard Hanatech Multiscan and the user will notice no difference in operation, so it will be familiar to existing operators.




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