Rumble at Meremere

Rumble at Meremere

Mount Shop and United Oils have teamed up to bring you an event that will have the ground rumbling at Fram Autolite Dragway. Anthony Marsh and Reece Fish will line up for what will be the first side by side Top Fuel pass on NZ soil and the two will battle it out to be the first team into New Zealand’s four second, 300mph club. Racing in both the Marsh Motorsport/Mount Shop and Prepared Produce/Fish Family Racing Top Fuel rails there will be almost 20,000hp unleashed on the freshly sealed track.
The Prepared Produce/Fish Family Racing dragster driven by Reece Fish is a 1998 Urehara 300 inch Chrome Moly Top fuel car with a list of features and specifications including:
• 500cu in Forged Billet Alloy TFX or BAE Supercharged V8.
• 50-60 psi Boost.
• 90 percent Nitro-Methane, 10. percent Methanol.
• Twin MSD44 Digital controlled Magentos.
• 10.5 inch 5 plate centrifugal clutch, Hydraulic cannon.
• 12” Billet Diff.
• 3.2:1 Diff Ratio.
• Weld double bead lock T/F rims.
• Goodyear Slicks.
• Lamb top fuel carbon fibre brakes.
• Twin Simpson parachutes.
• Total weight 1088kg.  
• 0-60ft 0.9sec.
This 8000hp machine has a top speed of over 300mph (482kph) which means the engine must be stripped and inspected after every run, the bearings and spark plugs are replaced at every strip down, piston rings are replaced after two runs, pistons after four runs, the con rods after every eight runs and the crankshaft is replaced after 10 runs down the drag strip. The rear tires have a life span of around 25 seconds, or five runs for this dragster. The brakes can last up to 15 runs, while the supercharger will be stripped and rebuilt after three. The car uses 80litres of     fuel per pass.
During the burnout, Reece regulates the fuel pump and any excess fuel is pumped back to the tank. Once the burnout is completed the car is staged, the fuel pump is opened and the engine is given full fuel while waiting for the xmas tree lights to turn to green. As soon as the throttle is hit, two tenths of a second later the engine screams to 7800-8000rpm, fuel pressure rises to 500+ psi and as Reece says he just holds on and enjoys the ride and a few seconds later he’s releasing the chute to slow down   Due to the vibration and violence of the launch vision is lost temporarily.  
To see this top fueler in action, drag racing fans need to be at the Nitro Shootout, Fram Autolite Dragway on January 11th 2014.

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