Quick start without batteries

Quick start without batteries
Quick start without batteries

Sulco’s new battery-less booster packs are a real breakthrough in design, offering a huge advance and cutting edge technology to the service and repair industry.

Until now battery-powered booster packs have had serious limitations in use. Many have low budget batteries, and will start very few vehicles. Others have lithium-ion batteries that may result in explosion and fire. High quality battery powered boosters can also have serious operational issues, such as low battery life if not correctly charged etc.

However, ultra capacitor boosters made in Switzerland and now offered to the market here in NZ by Sulco are truly innovative. They are light in weight as they have no batteries, and whereas a battery booster has a life of around 400 cycles Ultra Cap boosters have a life of one million cycles.

There are no batteries to emit dangerous explosive gases when the booster is used by an operator not following maker’s instructions, and whereas a battery type booster takes hours to re-charge on 230V, an Ultra Cap booster can be recharged in seconds off a running engine with a good alternator.

Jump start a vehicle with an Ultra Cap from Sulco, leave the cables connected to the vehicle, and you can see the Ultra Cap recharge in a few seconds ready for the next jump start.

Sulco recently conducted a test on a logging truck where the batteries had been fully discharged over a weekend. Technicians connected the Ultra Cap, and the logger started first time. This is the only booster this vehicle owner has found that would start his Scania logger from a dead flat situation.

Two models of 12V and one 12/24V Ultra Cap boosters are available ex-stock from Sulco Tools and equipment. They are very affordable and feature very high quality capacitors. As they are made in Switzerland you can be assured that you are getting a fantastic and innovative booster that will do the job for the long time.  Phone 0800 800 4887 www.sulco.co.nz

About super capacitors

Super capacitors are some of the best devices around for delivering a quick surge of power. Because the super capacitor stores energy in an electric field, rather than by a chemical reaction, it can survive hundreds of thousands more charge and discharge cycles than a battery can.

It has a virtually unlimited life, high specific low with low resistance which enables high load currents, charges in seconds, with no end-or-charge termination required, and is a simple process as it draws only what it needs. It’s very safe and forgiving, even when abused, and has excellent low temperature charge and discharge performance.

It does have some disadvantages, though – it has a low specific energy, so holds only a fraction of the charge of a regular batter (but can be quickly re-charged, see above), while its linear discharge voltage prevents using the full energy spectrum.

In addition it has a high self-charge, much h higher than most batteries, low cell voltage which means it requires series connection with voltage balancing for higher voltages, and has a high cost per Watt.

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