Partmaster celebrates 50 years in the family

Partmaster celebrates 50 years in the family

Partmaster is proud to be a Kiwi company and stocks some of the most trusted brands in the automotive industry. The company has built up solid relationships with globally renowned brands over time to make it the supplier of choice to the trade. Quality is of major importance in its commitment to offer its customers the most trusted brands in the business.

“Customers want great service, quality products, and value for money,” says  Partmaster general manager John Cook. “Partmaster prides itself on being able to deliver on all three, nationwide. Customers don’t want come-backs, so we have seen a huge shift in the demand for our premium brands.

“We have also developed a web platform called epartsonline to help support our customers outside the main centres, and for those that prefer to use this technology”..

With a focus on supplying our customers with only quality parts at competitive prices, he said Partmaster is proud to be the distributor of world-class brands such as Bosch, Exedy, NGK, GMB and HDK CV joints. 

One of the more recent additions to the Partmaster range is Woking brake parts. Woking is manufactured in Europe by one of the world's largest aftermarket friction producers, and the brake pads produced by Woking all exceed the requirements of European regulation ECE R90. 

Attaining the standard for ECE R90 approval requires several different forms of testing, but in essence each part number of brake pad is benchmarked against the original equipment equivalent pad, and is not permitted to deviate from that benchmark by more than 15percent in a series of tests.

Unlike other manufacturers which only test against similar competitors’ product, Woking is committed to producing brake pads which are as close as possible in braking characteristics to those originally fitted to the vehicle. Although not legally required in the New Zealand market, ECE R90 compliance provides customers with the assurance that they are purchasing the very best quality in brake friction.

“We are also proud to be the sole agent in New Zealand for the automotive range from Optibelt, a German belt manufacturer that's been in business for over 140 years,” adds John.

“Optibelt drive solutions can be found OEM in BMW 1 series though to Porsche, Bentley, Audi and Seat to name a few. Partmaster stocks a vast range of their Japanese, Korean and Euro complete timing belt kits, multi-rib and V-belts, through to fitting tools and elastic (stretch) belts such as those found on later model Mazda 3 series.”

Optibelt precision engineering and experience in commercial fleet brought about the development of the Truckpower range of V-belts.

He says this technology has been passed down to passenger and 4X4 vehicles, making matched pairs on dual belt pulleys a thing of the past. Manufacturing tolerances keep the characteristic of each belt the same, meaning any two Truckpower belts can be paired together even if produced months or years apart, while increasing durability by as much as 60percent.

Another brand Partmaster brings to the NZ market is Royal Precision Lubricants. Royal is an Australian-owned and operated company with a reputation for superior quality performance oils and additives.

“Royal’s technical excellence ensures all products perform under the most rigorous and demanding conditions while being formulated to meet or exceed industry standards, namely  the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE),” adds John.

“Royal fulfils demands internationally for automotive, commercial, mining, marine and agricultural sectors and their comprehensive range includes  engine and hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, greases, coolants and more. Having OEM approval for Volvo, Mack, Renault and Cummins further solidifies its position at the forefront of lubrication technology.”

For more than 50 years GUNK has had optimum cleaning, penetrating, degreasing and lubricating  solutions that tackle the toughest jobs in your workshop.

Partmaster has exclusive supply of the brand's GUNK, along with the sub-brands Liquid Wrench and Motor Medi,c which are all made in the USA.

Not only are all Liquid Wrench products made in the USA to ensure consumers get the highest quality product, but the Liquid Wrench brand also continues finding innovative ways to enhance the performance of its products to meet the specialty needs of fixers, makers, tinkerers and innovators.

“Motor Medic is the brand you can trust to maximise your vehicle’s performance. from motor flush to engine and oil additives,”  says John.

“Motor Medic provides a full line of performance and maintenance chemical products to keep your vehicle running for years to come. Since 1924, Motor Medic has been designing and formulating innovative chemical solutions to keep your engine running longer and your vehicle on the road.”


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