New Penrite oils

New Penrite oils

Penrite  10Tenths Racing range is a 100 percent  performance range of premium full synthetic PAO Ester, full zinc+, shear free engine oils for road and competition applications.

Penrite’s 10 Tenths Racing engine oils are made from 100 percent full synthetic PAO (Group IV) and Ester  (Group V) base oils.

What benefits do the PAO and Ester base stock provide?

Both PAO and Esters are fully synthetic. Being man-made they hold no contaminants, thereby increasing the lubricity (or slipperiness) of the oil and reducing engine sludge.

PAO improves the heat handling properties, reduces oxidation, assist low temperature start ups and provides greater (oil) film strength. Esters have great heat handling capacity and are static meaning they are attracted to metal parts with an electro chemical bond. It is the strength of film from PAO and the ability to bond provided by the Ester that provides ultimate engine protection.

What benefits do full zinc + provide?

Full zinc + is an anti-wear additive package for ultimate engine wear protection containing optimum zinc levels, boron and organomolybdenum complex to lift the total level of anti wear package additives to over 2200+ ppm.

What benefits does shear free technology provide?

Shear is the breaking down of oil molecules as a result of heat and load. As shear increases it inhibits the oils ability to protect against metal to metal contact with resultant wear, loss of oil pressure and engine power.

Penrite’s Shear free formulation offers start up protection, maintains oil pressure and eliminates viscosity loss for ultimate performance.

For more information visit or call the seven days a week technical hotlineon 0800 533 698.

Penrite 10 Tenths Racing products are available from all good auto retailers.

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