MXTS 40 charger and battery support unit now in NZ

MXTS 40 charger and battery support unit now in NZ

CTEK’s new MXTS 40 charger and battery support unit, offering the ultimate in workshop performance, is now available in New Zealand. It’s the latest addition to CTEK’s versatile and professional battery charger range.

Robert Briggs, director of sales and marketing for Asia Pacific, said the new MXTS 40 would keep up with the high demand from New Zealand workshops for chargers capable of providing powerful battery support.

“The simple to use, electronically safe unit provides rapid 12 or 24V charging. It has a selectable mode for all battery types and is invaluable to workshops who can’t afford delays to regular vehicle servicing or damage to their customers’ sensitive vehicle electronics,” he said.

To prevent disruptions during memory flashing and protect your customers’ sensitive vehicle electronics, the MXTS 40 provides highly accurate constant voltage settings to avoid ECU damage. This intelligent charger and battery support unit’s voltage range is 13.6 – 14.8 in 12V mode, and double this in 24V mode. It can also supply up to 40A of clean and constant current.

With powerful and quick charging capability from the MXTS 40 you can prevent vehicle battery failure when a car leaves your workshop. Your clients will be impressed by the longevity of their battery life and the money you save them in replacement costs.

“With CTEK’s MXTS 40 you’ll charge ahead of the competition who might be using slow and outdated technology. This latest addition battery charger offers incredible functionality which will see more cars through your doors and more profit on your balance sheet,” Mr Briggs said.

The advanced electronics of the MXTS 40 mean it is completely safe to use, requiring no specialist training. This is good for workshops; simply “connect and forget”, and move onto other tasks, and the MXTS 40 will take care of your customers’ batteries.

In addition to CTEK’s famous eight-step display, the MXTS 40 has an OLED user interface that is easy to see and provides clear readouts of important charge parameters including current, voltage and amps charged.

This charger also features temperature compensation and battery reconditioning, and is highly portable, with heavy duty 2.5m cables and detachable clamps.

The MXTS 40 is IP20 classified, housed in heavy duty polycarbonate for rough environments and designed to protect vehicle electronics. It is non-sparking, reverse polarity protected, and short-circuit proof and comes with a two year warranty for your peace of mind.

This charger is also compatible with CTEK PRO Accessorieslike the TROLLEY PRO which allows you to carry all your battery management equipment such as a CTEK charger, lap top, batteries and other analysis instruments together in one complete test station.

  • CTEK supplies battery chargers to some of the world’s most recognised manufacturers e.g. Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and Yamaha.           
  • A sister company to Creator Teknisk Utveckling AB, a leading research, design and product development consultancy, CTEK was established to design, manufacture and supply a new system of battery chargers that would meet the requirements of new generation vehicle batteries.                
  • CTEK chargers use patented technology to ensure that chargers condition, charge, and maintain all types of lead-acid batteries quickly, simply and safely.     

To learn more about the CTEK MXTS 40 and the Trolley Pro visit

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