Identity changes at Automaster

Identity changes at Automaster

GDC Equipment has been undergoing a gradual name change from GDC Equipment to Automaster Equipment. “Although the company structure remains exactly the same, the name better reflects what we do,” says MD Gary Cotterell. “All marketing will now carry the new Automaster logo.”


When Automaster Equipment was forced to find a new supplier for 3D wheel alignment machines they discovered that Corghi were looking to promote their aligner range into NZ.


Corghi assessed the options tit had available in NZ, and decided to give the agency for aligners to Automaster Equipment.


It turns out the timing was perfect, as Corghi was also looking for a new distributor to represent the complete range of Corghi products in NZ.


After a request by Corghi to visit the Corghi factory and training centre in Correggio Italy, Gary managed to secure the exclusive agency for the complete range of equipment and spent many days going over and selecting the range to order. 


“With Corghi having an international unparalleled reputation for quality and performance for more than 40 years, we instantly knew this was going to be a fantastic addition to our business,” says Gary.


Gary says the traditional Corghi range is still 100 percent made in Italy, and is of the highest quality available.


“History has proven Corghi machines to outlast comparative brands, and when it comes time to upgrade they retain great value, achieving high prices on the secondhand market,” he says.


Corghi has now opened its own factory in China to produce the Corghi ProLine range. These machines are aimed at the less-demanding customer who wants the security and reliability of a Corghi, but is looking to spend a bit less.


In the tyre changer range, the very popularA2025TI and A2025TI leverless options are available, along with the new A224TI that is based on the A2025TI, but without the pneumatic operation of the vertical slide, and the adjustable bead breaker pad, supplied for $6,795 plus GST. 


For performance shops the Corghi Artiglio 500 is priced from $16,500 plus GST and covers up to 32 inch wheels. At the other end of the spectrum is the low-cost Proline 322TI at $3,995 plus GST.


Moving on to wheel balancers, the EM9550 Laser Line at $7,125 plus GST is the pick of the bunch, with auto rim width detection, Auto Alu programme selection, and auto positioning and locking of the wheel in the correct place to fit the weights. The inside of the wheel is illuminated by a bright LED and a laser line indicating where to place the weights. Push the start button and the wheel automatically rotates to the next position and locks. 


The EM9350 is another great option, also with LED and laser line for $5,995 plus GST. For smaller, more-basic, options the EM7240 is held in stock or the Proline 640 is $2,995 plus GST.


Three wheel alignment models are currently available, with the Corghi Cubo 3D , Exact 7 and Exact 70 CCD aligners all running the fast and user friendly Corghi software, with a full world class data bank.  Priced from as low as $13,995 plus GST, these aligners provide excellent return on investment.


The full Automaster branded range of equipment, developed by an Italian/Chinese joint venture, has not changed, and still provides the very best value for money and price/performance ratio for lower cost options. View the website , phone 0800 214 604 or email for further information.

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