Hunter pays for itself super-fast

Hunter pays for itself super-fast

Steve Riley expected his new Hunter Elite wheel aligner to pay for itself in three years because it was a step up from his old machine.
But instead, he’s managed to recoup his investment in just over five months, thanks to its fast and accurate 3D Digital Imaging technology!
The payback has surprised and delighted Steve, who runs Cambridge Tyres & Alignment, just off the Waikato town’s main thoroughfare.
 “It’s that fast, we’ve been able to increase the number of alignments we do without affecting the rest of the workshop,” says Steve, who reckons he and his team average eight alignments each day.
And his old Hunter Hawkeye that was purchased in 2008 was no slouch, either. It’s just that the Elite, which was traded on the other machine, is so easy and quick to set up it can easily achieve a full alignment check in less than the claimed sixty seconds.
After installing the new Elite in March, it had already clocked up 1,000 alignments by the end of July, but the speed isn’t all that has impressed Steve.
The efficiency of the new machine allows him to make the necessary adjustments and even remove and attach control arms or jig a cross-member and get instant results, reducing time for the whole operation and making it less stressful, too, because he’s not having to rush against the clock.
Customers can even wait and have the job done by the time they’ve finished their cup of coffee.
Steve says that he likes the way the patented QuickGrip (quick release) adaptors and three-dimensional targets make set-ups so much easier than before, taking just seconds, rather than minutes. They use spring-loaded clamping arms that adjust easily to various wheel sizes, along with a simple thumb lever to lock the clamp in place.
They attach quickly, without having to worry about needing to perfectly centre the target, since the mounting position has no effect on measurement accuracy, gripping the tyre instead of the rim edge. This eliminates risk of damage to expensive alloy wheels – a protective rubber ring at the base of the adaptor provides the only contact with the wheel.
As soon as the clamps are fitted, the powerful computer in the Elite matches the readings to the data on the vehicle stored in its memory bank and the information is flashed on screen almost instantly, once the vehicle roll forward is completed, thanks to the award-winning Win Align alignment software which runs on the latest Windows 7 operating system.
“By the time you look back to the screen, everything is up there and you don’t have to wait for the information,” says Steve, who appreciates the improved graphics on the larger 22-inch LCD screen.
Another bonus is the lighter weight of the adaptor and target assembly (less than 3kg each), which makes it easy to handle and install. Constructed from tough polymer materials, they can stand up to the rigours of daily workshop life and the target itself contains no electronics, so require very little maintenance, and there are no messy wires connecting the targets with the cabinet. Additionally, the assembly‘s ultra-compact profile creates more room in the work bay.
The patented digital imaging sensors that incorporate four high-resolution cameras instantly update adjustment readings on-screen – and adjust automatically for the height of the vehicle on the hoist. Working with the newly-designed targets, HawkEye Elite sensors provide 3D modelling of wheel position and orientation for the most accurate alignment measurements.
The HawkEye Elite also features Codelink, which automatically takes care of steering angle sensor settings and also allows for ESP systems to be reset on European and other late model vehicles, further simplifying the alignment task.
Included with each machine is a comprehensive vehicle data bank that has information on practically every vehicle on New Zealand roads. Live Ride Height targets also included with the package make alignments on Ford Falcons much easier, too. And Steve is about to receive some updates that will help with the large number of customers who have classic cars in his catchment area.
The Hunter Hawkeye Elite (HE421FMAB) is a premium model in the Hunter wheel alignment line-up, priced at $37,995 + GST, which includes delivery, installation and training. For more information contact Stocks Equipment toll-free phone 0800 863 784 or email:

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