Have you considered a cheaper parts option?

Have you considered a cheaper parts option?
Parts Connection Group says that the current economic recession has lifted consumer and trade demand for cheaper repair options.
The Group says that its sales of secondhand parts in April to June 2009 increased by $1.02 million from the same period in 2008.
“There are a number of reasons for our sales growth,” says group spokesman Peter Gormly. “A major factor we keep hearing is that many workshops say their customers are asking for ways in which the cost of repairs can be minimised. The option of fitting second hand parts rather than new ones is a good way to keep job costs down.”
Parts Connection Group says that using a secondhand part from their specialist network is a viable and credible alternative in these difficult economic times.
“The Motor trades’ perception of secondhand parts suppliers has often been based on the unseemly “wrecker” image of the industry,” says Peter Gormly. “Parts Connection members have set out to bring more profession image to the industry.”
Gormly says that the innovative and efficient dismantling systems used by Parts Connection Group member’s positions them well above general wreckers and backyard operators.
“Parts Connection members are specialist dismantlers who know which parts are in demand, and will cater to this demand by having parts on the shelf waiting to be despatched. This means that workshop down-time can be minimised.”
“Having 14 specialist Part Connection brands also means there is greater wealth of model knowledge at the end of the telephone, which general dismantlers may not be able to match.”
“Parts Connection appreciates that there are occasions where fitting a new part is necessary. For example you wouldn’t fit a used cam belt to a customer’s car but the Group believes in many cases that fitting a secondhand part is a really viable option”.

Recently the motor trade has seen a lot of advertising effort by OE manufacturers promoting “fit genuine parts” as they have lost market share to aftermarket parts suppliers.
That message sits well with Parts Connection members because as Peter points out, most secondhand parts taken from the vehicles they dismantle are ‘genuine’ parts, albeit they have some degree of wear coming from dismantled vehicles.
However the Parts Connection Group says their stringent quality control standards minimise the risk of using a second-hand part.
“The cost savings made using secondhand parts can often help workshops keep working on jobs in these tight times,” says Peter Gormly. “So don’t lose a customer because the price of new parts is too expensive, ring Parts Connection for a cost effective option."






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