Global award winning local parts distribution centre

Global award winning local parts distribution centre

The investment in the all-new Highbrook parts distribution centre (PDC) has already paid dividends for BMW Group New Zealand.

The Highbrook PDC has just been presented with the 2008 BMW Group Silver Award for excellence in part logistics. To win this award the Highbrook facility was measured with all the other global BMW subsidiary logistics operations.

Since 1990 the BMW Group has seen its parts distribution business grow from 9787 lines processed per month to 15700. The size of the parts distribution warehouse has grown from 1000 square metres in 1990 to 4770 square metres at the new Highbrook facility which opened in May 2007.

“In 2003/2004 it quickly became obvious to us that the warehouse attached to the BMW Group offices in MountWellington would not cater for the future,” says Colin Briscoe general manager BMW Group after-sales.

“For every new BMW car sold in New Zealand at that time, another four used imports were arriving which dramatically increased the demand for parts.

“It was decided that we should seek a Greenfield site and build a new parts distribution centre from scratch, because expansion on the Pacific Rise site would only defer this temporarily.

“The new Highbrook facility was designed by BMW Group appointed architects to be as efficient as possible; the specialist racking system alone is worth 1.3 million dollars. There’s a triple mezzanine with an elevator, as well as state-of-the-art parts drawers, plus secure storage for high value items as well as hazardous materials.

“We have embraced all logistics technologies to improve customer service and minimise costs,” says Colin Briscoe. “As such the Highbrook parts distribution centre has 4 warehouse staff and 2 operational staff.
The Highbrook parts distribution centre stocks 13500 lines; processes 3 to 4 forty foot shipping containers per month and has a service level of 87% of items on first pick.

BMW New Zealand Groups processes 5 VOR (vehicle-off-road) shipments a week with a 48 hour lead time from Malaysia. In 1990 this took five days.   

“We expect our dealers to provide premium support to customers,” says Colin Briscoe.

 “So we must provide the tools for our dealers to achieve this. Premium car buyers are entitled to premium after-sales support.”

“BMW Group New Zealand embraced the opportunity presented by used imports irrespective of origin. If the vehicle carries a BMW badge then we will support it for parts logistics.”

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