Designed for the job

Designed for the job
Kincrome says it has a spanner range ideally suited for the type of work you are doing.
The Standard Kincrome spanner range is the “European Style” spanner with features such as a thinner head, shorter length and lighter weight which allows the spanner to be used easily in tighter areas such as modern cars and reduces radial movement by up to 20 percent without compromising strength. The shafts are rounder for a more comfortable grip to allow users to apply greater torque. 
The new Silverline Range is the “American Style” and features a fully mirror polished finish with thicker walls and head for greater strength and a longer handle that gives more leverage when  needed.
The Kincrome Spanner range is forged using Chrome Vanadium Steel adding extra strength and durability to hand tools.  Kincrome Spanners contain high levels of Manganese giving them excellent durability and strength as well as high levels of Nickel above what some other brands contain to protect against corrosion and protect the customer’s investment.
Selected spanners in the range are manufactured using Chrome Molybdenum.  Usually used in impact sockets Chrome Molybdenum is commonly called “Chrome Molly” and this provides Kincrome with the ultimate strength spanner for some serious work.
To ensure the tools will last and not break prematurely ensure they are forged from Chrome Vanadium or Chrome Molybdenum.
The Kincrome spanner range has undergone extensive independent testing which has shown it to be 80 percent stronger than the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard) and 130 percent than the German DIN standard. 
According to Kincrome the stronger, lighter and greatly enhanced quality of its spanner range leaves many of the others in the market in their wake. 
From ring and combination spanners through to flare nut, reverse gear ratching spanners and crow foot, Kincrome says it has an extensive range of state of the art spanners for every application.


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