CRC Speedshow announce new custom show

CRC Speedshow announce new custom show

A customised 1953 Studebaker Starlite Coupe, a 1940 Ford Mercury custom convertible and a hand-built, copper-coloured, Harley-powered chopper called Metallic-Ah are the first vehicles to be confirmed for the Castrol Edge / Teng Tools Custom and Classic Show, at July’s CRC Speedshow.
CRC Speedshow director Ross Prevette is delighted with the range and calibre of custom vehicles being submitted as possible entries.
“We’re looking for New Zealand’s best customised muscle cars, imports, hot rods, pickups, bikes and street machines,” says Ross Prevette who used to build custom motorcycles in his previous business before buying CRC Speedshow in 2012.
“Currently we’re calling for expressions of interest from owners keen to see their vehicle on display at the Castrol and Teng Tools-backed event. A handful of really top calibre vehicles were quickly accepted by our organising committee and we’re all really looking forward to seeing the Studebaker, Mercury and New Zealand-built custom chopper featured during the 20 and 21 July running of CRC Speedshow.”
The only vehicle of its kind in New Zealand, the orange 1953 Studebaker Starlite Coupe was rebuilt from virtually a wreck by Trev Halstead at his Hamilton business Custom and Classic Restorations. The Studebaker was imported from the US in the early 1960s and according to Halstead, spent a lot of time backing a boat into the sea in Dunedin until the mid ‘80s.
“Now sporting a distinctive custom-blended orange finish, the two-door Studebaker is powered by a big block V8 Chevrolet motor with considerable enhancements to create the sort of unique vehicle which embodies the true spirit of custom vehicle shows,” says Ross Prevette.
”Having been named the coolest custom at the USA Grand National Roadster Show and voted car of the year at the Goodguys Heartland Nationals, the 1940 Ford Mercury convertible is an outstanding example of the craftsmanship of world-class custom vehicle builders.
“Created by legendary Californian operation Frank DeRosa Customs, the Mercury convertible called Brandy Wine, by its New Zealand owners John and Anna Scarlett from Levin, has an extensive list of modifications on top of Frank DeRosa’s radical design. It’s a genuine show-stopper.”
The custom chopper called Metallic-Ah is the personal bike of highly-talented panel beater Dave Matika from ABFX in Dunedin. A five year-long project, Matika’s low-riding, sexily-curved motorcycle was designed to be as sleek and clean as possible. Its sleek lines received copper-coloured special effect paint and airbrushing while it’s powered by a stock Harley 1340cc Evo motor.
“Dave and Metallic-Ah may well have the greatest distance to travel to star at the show,” says Prevette. “But their efforts will be worthwhile because it’s brilliant to be able to see New Zealand custom vehicle design and workmanship of this calibre.”
Prevette says he’s still keen to see plenty more vehicles in all categories being submitted.
“The show features the best 50 custom cars, pickups and bikes in New Zealand, so if you have a show-ready vehicle in any of the categories, we’d love to hear from you.”
Categories are • American street machine modified • American street machine stock • Australian street machine modified • Australian street machine stock • Custom bike • Custom car or pick-up • European custom • Hi-tech / performance Japanese custom • Hot rod • Traditional hot rod
Click on the Castrol Edge / Teng Tools Custom and Classic Show icon on the CRC Speedshow website, for more details and the expression of interest form.

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