Blank canvas 86

Blank canvas 86

Toyota recently introduced two new variants of its sporty 86 Coupe called the 86 RC and TR 86, which will give customers a blank canvas to create their own vehicle using OEM genuine parts and accessories.
The 86 RC (Race Competition) gives sports car fans the chance to create their own statement with a brand new Toyota 86 that arrives box-fresh and ready for customisation.
The RC concept presents an entirely unique experience; a sleek ‘blank canvas’ to fettle, tune, paint and accessorise in any way desired.
Toyota says that the new entry level 86 price and specification will be pitched so it is in the reach of individualists wanting to heavily accessorise their car, and maybe even take racing at weekends.
Boasting the same 147kW two-litre four-cylinder format of its siblings, the six-speed manual 86 RC strips away the superfluous. For example there’s no audio componentry, because the company says that customers will prefer to add their own systems for the ultimate sound.
Uniquely the 86 RC’s front and rear bumpers ship unpainted because Toyota knows a tailored paint job will be high on the prospective owners ‘to do’ list. The RC’s only factory nod to options list finery are its 16 inch machined graphite alloys and low boot spoiler.
“Well before the keys are even handed over, the owner can customise and upgrade the 86 RC however they see fit,” says Toyota New Zealand spokesman Neeraj Lala.
“There is a vast array of opportunities to individualise the 86 including a full range of TRD parts or local Toyota performance accessories like wheel upgrades, exhaust systems and suspension packs to choose from.”
Toyota has built a prototype version of an 86 racing car named TR 86 (Toyota Racing 86) which is fully loaded and race ready. Not limited to just the track, the TR 86 will be legal to drive on the road as well, enabling plenty of applications, from rallying to a trip down to the dairy.
“While the prototype has been developed to explore the possibility of a one-make track series, customers may find it’s equally suitable for other racing interests on or off-road,” says Neeraj.
Built from locally developed race components, the TR 86 is the ultimate turn-key race car. It features an FIA compliant homologated roll cage, race-tuned suspension, performance exhaust system, ECU map upgrade, racing brake package and an 18"wheel and tyre package; while the cockpit features include customised race seats, steering wheel and six point seatbelts.
Both new iterations of the 86 are now on sale at Toyota New Zealand dealerships.

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