Beware non-genuine brake parts

Beware non-genuine brake parts
Nissan New Zealand is concerned about a number of incidents reported to it where aftermarket brake rotors from other suppliers have been fitted to late model Navara ST-X vehicles resulting in potentially catastrophic brake failure.
The cause of the failure of the Aftermarket rotor pictured above (to the left is a genuine Nissan Navara ST-X brake rotor) was an incorrect casting process which caused the material to be porous in the high load area between the rotor hub and disc.
According to Nissan New Zealand these parts were imported into New Zealand by an automotive aftermarket supplier.
The faulty manufacture caused the rotor disc to shear off the hub as can be seen in the picture above.
One such failure resulted in a Navara ST-X vehicle veering across the centre line (due to imbalance in braking force) but fortunately for all involved a collision was avoided.
Nissan New Zealand national after sales manager Derek Beacom says the company is concerned that fitting inferior aftermarket components will lead to its customers’ safety being compromised.
“We know of three failures from two different suppliers of aftermarket brake rotors, and there may possibly be more incidents unreported to us.” says Derek.
“This is a perfect illustration of why people should buy genuine OEM parts which have been made to a specification and a standard. Why risk anything else?” he asks.
“The question must be asked do you purchase an aftermarket component were quality is compromised for price or is there a major consideration to be had on your customers safety and your businesses integrity.”


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